Friday, September 28, 2012

Give It All Away To Him

              By Dustin Dyer

People ask, "How do I get right with God?" When life is dragging them down to the point they can no longer fix it themselves, they say "God, take this from me, fix it because I can't" These are the right words but some of us cry out these words one moment and still try to fix it ourselves the next. Often we cry out for God to fix something but we have a hard time TOTALLY handing it all over to him. When we ask him to do something, we have to have enough faith to believe he will. When we ask him and still try to fix it ourselves, our faith isn't strong enough to depend on him to be faithful to us. God's promise is to always be faithful. It's hard especially when we have an issue that is dear to our hearts but we HAVE TO WAIT AND BE PATIENT. When we do this we are allowing God to do what he wants to do for us. When we do what we want, we are taking that away from him and taking the relief away from ourselves. We have to give ALL of ourselves to God, not a portion or not half but ALL. When we do that it allows God to pour out his Love on our lives like we've never experienced before. Once you experience that, you immediately understand the answer to this question, "How do I get right with God?"